Customer Experience Assessment


Analysis of the Customer Experience of a product/service through qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and the engagement of real users from our Crowdsourcing community.

Survey relating to the product/service with collection of CX indicators, sharing of reports with suggestions for qualitative improvement.

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Directly involve your Customer Base to evaluate the quality of a service or product that you offer or intend to launch on the market!

The Qalya Sense transdisciplinary team will collect qualitative-quantitative cues to give you the possibility of having parameters that you can monitor over time, as well as giving you the live voice of the sample, giving wideness, depth and context to the indices detected.

We recommend that you choose to use this solution for a product or service that is being launched. This will allow you to have greater awareness, and to maximize the effectiveness of the market launch.

If the product is already on the market, you will have the opportunity to get an idea of the status of the service as is, hypothesizing solutions to any critical issues with the direct involvement of your customer base. 

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